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Transportation Forms


*Guest Rider services have been suspended by Horizon School Division until further notice

This form is to be used for any student riding a bus route for which they are not currently registered to ride.  This includes registered riders on other bus routes or town students not registered for transportation services.  ex: birthday parties, sleepovers, etc.


1.   Print off the Guest Rider form. 

2.   Both families fill in the form and sign it.

3.   Submit one copy of the form to the school for approval.  The school will contact the bus driver.

4.   Another copy will be sent with the guest rider.  The guest rider will show the bus driver the form upon entering the bus.  Without this form, the student will not be permitted to ride the bus.

*These services are currently being limited by Horizon School Division, except in the case of child care.  Please see the Annaheim School or Horizon Re-entry Plan for more details.

This form is to be used for a stop that is NOT an existing stop on a route.  Approval must be granted from Transportation Services.


1.  Print off this form. 

2.  Both families fill in the form and sign it.

3.  Submit the form to Horizon Transportation Services at [email protected]

Remember, if your child will not need to ride the bus on a given day, be sure to contact Southland Transportation Dispatch at 306-682-5715.